DemoLab-Szeged Group

Radnóti Miklós Experimental Secondary School,


Our main goal is to realise and fine tune the idea of a ’Motivation Centre’. We have in mind an open Space which anyone can visit for inspiration, studying or just having a rest and recharging. At present we are planning the form, setting and division of the ’Space’, how to fill its parts with meaningful content and what kind of aesthetically inspiring, visual environment we want to realise.

Each member of our group undertook a field where they feel comfortable, which is close to their interest. They organise a programme, presentation or activity in line with these themes through which they can show the experience, and effectiveness of the chosen motivational topic.

We advertised our programmes for the rest of the school so anyone can join to get some motivation from our enthusiastic team members.




Fiedler Judit

visual culture and environmental design teacher

Judit graduated from Szeged University. Besides teaching she participated in several art education projects, focusing primarily on visual arts and preserving Hungary’s cultural heritage. Besides directing fine arts and museum education camps, she collaborated with several German creation-centered initiatives in Realschule Creglingen Secondary School as a German teacher and artistic director. She is an active member of the Hungarian Art Teachers’ Association.


Orsolya Barna

artist, cultural anthropologist

Barna Orsolya (1987) obtained her degree at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Her research area is Islam in Europe, more specifically conversion narratives and identity constructs of Hungarian-born Muslim women. She worked in museum education at Várkert Bazár and special programmes of the National Museum. Since 2012 she has been participating on artistic-pedagogical projects including’s ‘Artists in School’ as well as collaborating with Tom Lantos Institute in ‘Isolated Realities’ programme at Lauder Javne Secondary School. She is a founder and member of ‘SzöSz-Műhely’ (Free Ideas Co-op).

Pálinkás Bence György


He studied furniture design and painting. Ever since he has been organising artistic projects, post-dramatic theatrical performances mostly in collaboration with others. He makes musical instruments and potato stamps. Currently he is engaged in invasive alien animal and plant species as well as criticism of popular narratives. He has been working on artistic projects with secondary school students. He is doctoral candidate of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.