Kölcsey Ferenc Secondary School


The students in the workshop have conceptualised a fictional game that investigates the conditions and situations that may be encountered on our planet by a researcher from an imaginary future. The medium of exploration is photography, used by the students to confront themselves and others with challenges already faced in the present and those not-so-futuristic ones that are rooted in it.




Gabriella Csoszó


Having earned her degree at the Art Faculty of the Janus Pannonius University of Sciences in Pécs, Gabriella Csoszó has been active as an exhibiting artist since the 1990s. With the help of various scholarships, she has spent longer periods in New York, Lisbon and Prague. Besides her art practice, she also works as a commercial photographer for a diverse clientele including advertising and PR agencies, communication consultants, artists, participatory theatres and landscape architects. As an activist photographer, she created the FreeDoc blog, an independent, alternative picture agency that provides free access to photo documentation for under-resourced NGOs and civilian groups fighting for democracy. In 2000, she founded Kontakt Photography Courses teaching socially sensitive photography, where she acts as initiator, organiser and teacher of egalitarian artistic and educational programs. In the framework of this project, Gabriella mentors the Photography and Activism course featuring homeless activists and their allies from the City Is for All advocacy group. Since 2016, she has been an associate lecturer at ELTE University’s Media and Communications Department, where she teaches workshops entitled Shared Images and Images of Participation. She has been a partner educator at The School of Public Life since 2014 and a teacher and visual developer at the participatory art and research project sajátszínhá since 2016.

Kata Törley


Kata Törley has been teaching French and Civilisation at the Kölcsey Ferenc Secondary School since 1999. She has also been a class teacher since 2004, a task that she finds the most interesting within the field of secondary education. In 2014, she participated in the Artists in Schools project together with photographer Gabriella Csoszó. Students from Kölcsey and the Gandhi Secondary School in Pécs presented the project’s outcome, a photo-campaign about their private and public wishes, at a joint exhibition. Besides education, she is also enthusiastic about singing: she is a founding member of the Magamnál Jobban (Better than Myself) chamber choir. In the last few years, the choir has featured in public events (such as demonstrations), theatre performances (Radnóti Theatre: Tripe Pizza, dir. Márta Schermann; Katona József Theatre: Faust I-II., dir: Árpád Schilling; TÁP Theatre: A Big Fat Nothing, On Top and Under, dir. Vilmos Vajdai) and festivals (Yellow Star Houses, The Night of the Choirs, Bánkitó Festival, OFF-Biennale). Kata has participated in the Tanítanék (I’d Like to Teach) Movement from the very beginning.