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Age Limit

  AGE LIMIT Kölcsey Ferenc Secondary School Budapest The students in the workshop have conceptualised a fictional game that investigates the conditions and situations that may be encountered on our planet by a researcher from an imaginary future. The medium of exploration is photography,

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  DemoLabrador Karinthy Frigyes Secondary School Budapest This year the students investigate our era’s communities and work to lay the framework of a society-to-come, with which they situate last year’s research topic, anthropocene, in a broader context. They examine and research family, gender roles,

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Experiential City

  Experiential City Youth Counselling Office, The workshop focuses on the Karancs Hotel, an iconic building of the ex-socialist industrial town of Salgótarján. The participants research its past, engage with its present and design what they would like it to be in the future,

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